Poems by Mario Duarte / Poemas de Mario Duarte

About Mario Duarte About Mario Duarte Mario Duarte is a Mexican American writer. His family immigrated from León, Guanajuato, and Michoacán, Mexico, during the time of the Mexican Revolution.  They settled in Iowa and Illinois, initially drawn to work on the railroads. Duarte was born and raised in Western Illinois. He earned a BA inContinue reading “Poems by Mario Duarte / Poemas de Mario Duarte”

CUENCA by Marjha Paulino/ CUENCA por Marjha Paulino

CUENCA, or the Region of Papaloapan in Oaxaca, is the land of my birth and, sadly, it is the land I left with my parents, when I was eight years old , to reside safely in another state. I am just now beginning to understand exactly what I left behind at that time in myContinue reading “CUENCA by Marjha Paulino/ CUENCA por Marjha Paulino”