My Dangerous Heart by Corinne Stanley / Mi Peligroso Corazón por Corinne Stanley

Marjha and I decided to share our work in the launching of our blog, Bilingual/Borderless, to give our readers a more complete idea of who we are and our motivation for creating a blog that is a collaboration between writers from the United States and Mexico. After completing my memoir, La Tercera Luz: A PoeticContinue reading “My Dangerous Heart by Corinne Stanley / Mi Peligroso Corazón por Corinne Stanley”

CUENCA by Marjha Paulino/ CUENCA por Marjha Paulino

CUENCA, or the Region of Papaloapan in Oaxaca, is the land of my birth and, sadly, it is the land I left with my parents, when I was eight years old , to reside safely in another state. I am just now beginning to understand exactly what I left behind at that time in myContinue reading “CUENCA by Marjha Paulino/ CUENCA por Marjha Paulino”

A Warm Welcome /Una Cálida Bienvenida

Welcome to our blog! We are extremely excited to share this space with you and hopefully from now on you can make this space yours too by sharing it and enjoying it. Our first publication will feature Leon, Guanajuato, poet Marjha Paulino, whose remarkable writing from her new work, Cuenca, speaks to her exile fromContinue reading “A Warm Welcome /Una Cálida Bienvenida”